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Inclusive Creation

Creating a more inclusive world

How can we create a world where everyone gets to participate equally? Inclusive Creation builds competence on universal design and social innovation through workshops, projects and partnerships that aim to create a more inclusively designed world.

We offer:

  • Training in universal design and social innovation for teams and individuals
  • Workshops for problem-solving and idea generation to design inclusive products and services, where you learn how to understand problems and users, develop and test ideas, and pitch your ideas to an audience.
  • Project management, consulting and valuable partnerships in projects aiming to create impactful social innovation and inclusive solutions
  • Incubation of social start-ups with a focus on inclusion

Former and current partners include DNB, Mtekforalle, The Forge and many more. Our team has over 10 years of combined experience in practicing and teaching universal design and social innovation. You can read more about the team behind Inclusive Creation here.

Want to collaborate on a workshop or project? Get in touch with our CEO Anne Igeltjørn at